Successful Kansas Entrepreneur Michael Emmons

Michael Emmons Kansas

Michael Emmons is a Kansas-based entrepreneur who has spent the past 17 years leveraging his skills in leadership, management, and recruiting to build a lucrative alarm-based venture. In that time, he has led that venture from its beginning stages to more than $70 million in annual revenue and achieved a top ten sales ranking for six consecutive years out of more than 300 dealerships. A longtime resident of Kansas, Michael Emmons has also launched a major gym and investment firm in the state.

Over the past three decades, Mr. Emmons has spearheaded the launch of numerous successful businesses in the sales and marketing sectors. Prior to his work in the private sector, he served for four years in the United States Army Reserve, where he earned the Army Achievement Medal as a member of the 234th Signal Battalion for NBC Warfare. He is a 1986 business degree graduate of the University of Iowa.